After a long night together with Kathrin and Henning and very little sleep we hit the road again. Around midday we leave this huge and unfriendly camp site in Zaton and make our way back to Zadar. We have been in this region a few times before but never really made some time to visit the old part of town. Today is the day and on a beautiful day we park our Bulli close to the outer walls of the old town and start exploring and walking through the narrow streets that are so typical for these old cities here.


One of the highlights they say is the unique sea organ. An experimental musical instrument that is supposed to play music from the waves of the sea. Maybe it is too windy, too much or less water or something else. In any case we can't hear a thing. Others seem to have the same problem so it does not seem to be us only.

For us much more fascinating is the St. Donuts Church from the 9th century. Outside and inside the church the basement is still visible and very unique. The foundation is build on the ancient remains of a Roman forum. We have never seen this before.


As we are on our way back to the car we come across a little shop that sells hand made leather shoes from the region. They are not very expensive, look great and we both like them. So each of us ends up buying a new pair of shoes. Quite a successful afternoon. ;-)


Earlier on we discovered that Joiya had forgotten her pullover in our Bulli. As we continue we pass again by Zaton and leave it at the reception before proceeding to one of our favorite camp sites located a bit south from the isle of Pag. Here we stay for the night.

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