Many people have told us about Trogir and how beautiful this little city is. So far we have never been there. This is time it lies on our way up north and we decide to make a short stop before meeting up with Michael's family. After doing some shopping in Split we arrive here early afternoon. Not many tourists are here and we walk through the narrow streets of the old town. This part is located on a little island connected with bridges. For todays traffic a nightmare as all cars have to pass over a small bridge if they want to reach the southern part of town.


We enjoy the walk, stop for a coffee in one of the cafe and Karin is looking around the small shops that offer more or less unique things. The most interesting part is a shoemaker who also produces belts. As Karin's existing one is not the best anymore she is looking for a replacement.

The shoemaker offers ready to buy belts or made especially for you. Karin selects a leather and for 180 Kuna she get's a new one made for her. After placing the order and some more sightseeing we leave the old town again to find a place for the night.


After three nights of free camping we need to create some order again in our Bulli. On the island of Ciovo we find a nice camp site, clean up things and cook a great dinner with our fresh shrimps. The belt we pick up the next morning as we are continuing our trip. Next stop is Zaton.

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