Lake District

The next region on our tour north is the Lake District on the Argentinian side before crossing the border again into Chile. A very popular region because of the many outdoor options it provides. Again it’s very different to the regions we have seen so far in Argentina. While a hot spot for outdoor enthusiasts from all over Argentina we can’t help the feeling of being back home again. Ok, we don’t have any massive glaciers close by, let alone any black glaciers. However, the combination of lakes, forrest and mountain is very similar to Switzerland, Austria and Southern Germany ;-) But if you are used to views of endless dry steppe with little vegetation this is clearly a highlight and the place to be.


Not only does it look like home we also experience the omnipresent German/Swiss/Austrian influence in food, beer, style of houses... and even listening to German music such as: “Hoch auf dem gelben Wagen”, “Drei weisse Birken” or “Die Fischerin vom Bodensee” to name only a few while eating an “Apfelstrudel”. The locals really do enjoy the music in particular and tell us they could dance to it all day. We think that is because they don’t understand the lyrics. ;-)

The next morning we decide to take the “Seven Lakes Road” as our way to the northern part of this district.  For the night we plan to stay in Parque Nacional Lanin which, apart from a beautiful lake, mountains and forest also has a volcano that is dominating the landscape. The further we drive into the valley however, the more rain and stronger the wind we gets. Still the scenery is very beautiful and we enjoy it even without seeing the volcano. Weather here can change rather rapidly anyway and the next day might be calm and sunny again.

It certainly can change and the wind was pretty much gone the next morning. Instead of the rain however we experience a drop in temperature. With a few spots of blue sky the mountains around us are white almost down to the level of the lake where we camped for the night. The volcano is still not visible and with some snow showers on the way we flee across Paso Mamuil Malal over to Chile hoping for warmer and better weather. As our three months are drawing to an end rather quickly we need to ensure we get a little bit more sun! :-)

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