La Pelosa

After a quiet night the sun greats us the next morning. Good that the weather forecast is not always right. After  breakfast we decide to drive back to the place where we wanted to camp initially. In the morning some people walked by our place who seem to live around here. They where on their way to this little beach and told us that nobody really cares about the "privado" sign. We drive back as we want to see at least what this place looks like in case we come back. Turns out it is a really nice place with a very nice beach. Next time. We continue our journey along the coast as our goal is to drive further west to one of the most famous beaches on this island, La Pelosa. From here the plan is to visit the Asinara, the Alcatraz of Italy.

On our way we make a short side trip to Sedini. There is a big rock called "La Rocca" which has been used for thousands of years. Nowadays there is a museum but not so long ago it was a house and researches also found traces that point back to 4000 years B.C. In this village there is also a simple campsite where we can refill our water supplies.


The next stop along the coast is Castelsardo. A little town built on top of a huge rock. Here we stop for lunch and  explore the old town a bit. According to our guide book there is supposed to be a good restaurant open the whole day, 365 days a year. Too good to be true and it turns out it is already closed for the season.


Via Porto Torres we drive all the way to Stintino. Here are one of the most famous beaches in Sardinia including La Pelosa. They really look nice but immediately behind the beach they have built lots of houses and bungalows. It is also not an area where we can camp for the night. Instead we drive a bit back and end up in another bay called "Coscia di Donna". Although two other campers are here already it is too late to continue searching for another place and we stay here.


As the sun sets we decide to go for a swim. Turns out there are some poisonous jellyfish. They are not really big but it really hurts if you get in contact with them. Karin is the first one to notice and she has a few red stripes for the rest of the vacation on her arm as a result. Somehow this is not our area up here. Let's see what tomorrow will bring.



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