We have been on Korcula before on one of our last trips to Croatia. However, the only place we visited was Korcula city and didn't see much from the rest of the island. So today we take the ferry from Orebic to Korcula and start exploring the rest of the island. We check out a place close to Lumbarda first but then decide to drive to the other end of the island. In Vela Luka there is supposed to be a nice camp site from where we can do some cycling trips around the region. As we arrive we are not exactly thrilled by the place but decide to stay for the night. As we didn't really have breakfast this morning we first have snack before thinking about what to do next.

As it is a nice and sunny day we get on our bikes and explore the region. We even find a cycling track with sign posts very close to the camp site that takes us around some nice spots and back to Vela Luka. Here we stop a the promenade and have a beer. For some reason we don't connect with this island although it's nice. Thinking about what to do next we decide that as we are so close to the smallest inhabited island of Croatia called Lastovo, we might as well see what's it's like out there. We find out that the next day there is a ferry in the evening that brings us and our Bulli to Lastovo. That's the plan now. The rest of the time in Vela Luka we use to get some washing done and restock our fridge. Let's see what the next island will bring us.

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