Dar es Salaam marks again the start of our Tanzania trip. Like last year we stay for the first night in the Swiss Garden Hotel. We arrive two days later as initially planned as Karin got sick and we had to postpone the trip. We can't wait to get the car the next morning and hit the road. Unfortunately a not so nice surprise is waiting for us. This time we get a car that was completely useless, different to what we ordered and the worst we’ve experienced so far in Africa. The company is called Avocet Safaris and for sure did not deliver what we paid for. A company you should NOT book ANYTHING with as they are just cheating on you.


We don't want to loose any more time, take this wreck of a car and make our way to Ifakara. This is a small rural town somewhere southwest of Mikumi NP. It’s not such a long distance from Dar but due to the fact that from Mikumi on we had to drive on dirt roads the trip takes us almost nine hours. Loosing parts of the car didn’t speed up the journey either. We also pass by a lorry that has run out of fuel. While we can't help out directly we give one of the guys a lift to the next village so that he can get some fuel.


Tired from all the driving we arrive in the evening and are happy to see Manuel and Caro. Dusty and sweaty from all the driving we take a quick shower and have a dinner with the two. Both of them are studying medicine and have spent the last two month or so here as interns. Certainly a different experience compared to hospital in Europe and so they have many stories to share. Including the fact that Manuel was hit with malaria which is very present here and a big thread to the local community. After a cold beer in the "Kantine" we fall into bed.


The next morning Manuel and Caro show us around town. It is Saturday and less busy compared to during the week.  We get a good impression where they have spent the last two months. Also a good opportunity to do some shopping  before we hit the road again.  Our next stop is Ruaha National Park but it is too far to drive there in one go. So we plan to spend a night on a camp site close to Iringa.


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