Fitz Roy

Hitting the road north again the next morning for about 300 km to El Chalten which is the entry point for the northern parts of the PN Los Glaciers. Again a beautiful though very windy day. As we get closer the mountain range we want to hike we have a stunning view already of Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre. This is even more amazing because a view without clouds of the two is a very rare event. The forecast was that this would happen today between 4 and 7 pm. We arrive at 4.30 pm and take short hike to one of the view points to see as much as possible as the weather can and is changing rather quickly here.

And it did unfortunately. The next day was not even close as nice as the previous one. With clouds and high winds we still decided to put on our hiking shoes to get up the mountain. Our goal was to get to the glacier lake at the foot of Fitz Roy. Apparently a spectacular view. As we get close to the last bit the weather turns really bad. With a lot of rain and high winds it is not recommended to do the last steep bit up to the lake. Somewhat disappointed we retreat and walk down the mountain again. The next day was not that good in the morning either and we decide to travel on. You can't be lucky all the time I guess.

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