Farewell and Good Bye

Everything comes to an end, even a three month long trip through Argentina and Chile. It’s time to say good bye to the country and our new friends. For this we invite everybody to the place we had dinner the very first evening after we arrived in Buenos Aires.


In Buenos Aires we had a fantastic Spanish teacher with Gabriela for four weeks who prepared us for the two month on the road and various great conversations in Spanish. We shared a camp fire with Russians who spoke Spanish but no English for example, a super friendly mechanic who fixed our broken light and many other situations where speaking Spanish was essential. On every Saturday Gabriela gave us a free tour through the city taking us to her favorite places where as a normal tourist you most likely would not come to. Fantastic! :-)


We also found new friends! First of all Alan, a colleague from IBM who Michael met a few times before and now we finally met his wife Barbara as well. Many thanks to the two of you for helping us especially in the beginning in Bs As with all the things we were not so familiar with. Shame that it most likely will be a long time before we meet again.


We also made friends with Sunky and Sergio in the apartment house we stayed for one month.  Sunky and Sergio where great company at the roof top pool as well as in various joint activities. We even visited them in their new home in Mar Asul at the east cost of Bs As.

The other two months we spent on the road with the 4x4 camper van. After some initial problems we really enjoyed our new home with only 3 m^2 of space.


In the two months on the road we drove 12.789 km, refueled our camper 30 times with 1512 liters of Diesel in total.


After three months we are leaving South America with great memories of amazing places, interesting encounters with very strange and super friendly people. What an amazing trip this was and we are looking forward to future adventures in South America. Starting to plan where we want to go next! :-)

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