Copa Testa

During the night we had a bit of rain that has stopped again in the morning. Still, it is a bit chilly and windy so we decide to have breakfast inside our Bulli. Today we will role on and our next stop is Capo Testa located a few kilometer west of the most northern part of Sardinia.


We park our Bulli next to the little road, put on our hiking boots and off we go for a couple of hours of hiking. There are many different paths and we come across a map. However, it is not very clear which path to take. As we have time we explore the different paths and enjoy the bizarre landscape of granite rocks formed by wind and weather.

The high winds are pushing the sea against the rocks at the coastline producing high waves and spray. From time to time the sun comes out giving us a few good opportunities to take some pictures.


As we come closer to the Valle di Luna we bump into a man only wearing a pullover, nothing else. He seem to have built a small hut under a big rock where he seems to be living. Strange encounter we think, but that's only the beginning. In the Valle di Luna we pass by quite a few huts and tents along with a bunch of men who seem to live out here. According to Wikipedia this used to be a popular spot in the 1968s hippies and dropouts. Later free camping was forbidden on Sardinia and those people left. Nowadays a few have come back as it seems.  We enjoy this afternoon of hiking and Capo Testa is definitely worth a visit.


For us it's now time to take a little snack before we continue our journey. Tonight we are planning to stay at a nice beach that we have found in our travel guide. It's not a formal campsite but apparently it is a good place to stay. While we seem to be getting closer we can't find it. On the last meters there is a sign "Private property, do not pass" which we respect. As we find out later we seem to be the only ones who really care.


Instead we find small spot a bit away from the coast. As it is late already and we are tired we decide to stay. Despite the fact that we are very close to another camper van who found this spot before us. With some pasta and salad we end this day.

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