Capo Sferracavallo

The night was mild and very quiet as we are almost alone on Camping Coccorrocci. Apart from us there is only one more camper and a tent but we don‘t even see them from where we are parked as the camp is big. It could be really nice here but unfortunately the facilities are not clean and there are dogs running around one of which peed on our bin :-( We have breakfast in the sun and then we leave. The area is quite interesting as the mountains rise almost immediately behind the beach. We see signposts for hiking tracks. On the way back to the main road we pass a small beach which looks like it is suitable for staying a night. We take the coordinates.

Then we pass again Camp Area Sosta Cucamonga with its very inviting looking bar. Next time... We drive through a fertile valley with many wineyards and stop in a small town called Tertenia to do our shopping in a small shop. We find local honey and craft beer :-) We also need fuel but don‘t find a petrol station... But first we take a small detour towards Foxi Manna where we refill water at a source.

Then we turn back to Tertenia where we still hope to find a petrol station. Finally we find one but all our credit cards are not accepted. We drive on to Villaputzu only to have the same problem. With some of the last cash we have we refill at least 20l. Only a few kilometers further in Muravera we find a petrol station where everything works fine and we are able to fill up the tank. Now we have to get cash. With the help of the navigation this is at least not a problem. Such replenished we finally head for the Costa Rei to Camping Capo Ferrato. To our surprise it is packed with people, there are only a few spaces vacant. This is not exactly what we had hoped for but we are fed up by now with hopping from place to place. We want to stay put for some days. So we choose a pitch, park our Bulli and have a beer on the beautiful but windy beach.

Then we get back so set up our camp properly and have a snack. The Bulli gets quite some attention here. We get to know that the people in front of us are leaving the next day so we register for their place as it is directly next to the beach. Then we have dinner at the restaurant on the campsite and are positively surprised by the good quality and taste of the food. We book a table for the next evening as they are offering a set menu with local specialties.

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