Capo Caccia

This morning is presenting itself with an overcast  sky and very windy again. Our plan was to explore Asinara, the Alcatraz of Italy, with our bicycles. However, somehow we don't really warm up with this part of Sardinia. Maybe it's the constant wind and the chilly temperatures up here. Don't know. Despite the famous beaches we decide to drive south from now on. Our next stop is Capo Caccia with its cliff line and Grotta di Nettuno, a stalactite cave.


To get down to the Grotta di Nettuno we take the 654 steps of the Escala di Cabirol. Was it chilly and windy in the morning here it is warm and very humid. We are sweating already getting down. Let's see how it will be getting up again.

While they offer tours through the Grotta di Nettuno we decide not to do it. The entrance is already beautiful and that's enough for us to see. Our interest was mainly to take the 654 steps down and up again. Just as we want to leave again a tourist boat is preparing to enter the entrance area of the Grotta. The sea is a bit rough although not too bad. Still, this is certainly not something for beginners. With a few well trained maneuvers the captain manages to get close to the cliff and role out the gangway. Via a very shaky bridge the passengers can now get on board again.  Not something for everybody.


We climb up the 654 steps again and are pretty soaked as we arrive back at the top. On our way up Karin did spot a little bay further down and so we decide to see if we can take a quick swim before continuing our journey. Turns out there is a fine little sandy beach with clear water. We jump into the sea to wash off the sweat and take a bite to eat. As we really like this place we decide to stay here for the rest of the day and the coming night.


Later in the afternoon we get on our bikes and cycle a short round of 50 kms. The streets are not that good for cycling as on some of them we find quite some traffic. Anyway, we've done enough sport today to enjoy a good dinner with a nice bottle of wine.


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