We follow the coastal line from Costa Rei and as we approach Quartu Sant’Elena it gets more and more urban... We make it straight for the parking where we spent a night last year already, get changed into an outfit suitable for the city and head into town. We find the way easily and hit right the main shopping street. And good timing too... it is 4:30pm and the shops are opening. Good for Karin, bad for Michael ;-)

I enter a few shops but don’t find anything interesting. Anyway it’s time for a sundowner soon and we have yet to find the bar with the nice view where we where last year. We walk uphill, take a few turns and surprisingly are already in the right place! We pick a table, order drinks and enjoy the view. Along with the drinks we get a small plate with some finger food. Great!!!


We stay until the sun has set and make our way to Luigi Pomata’s where we intend to have dinner. On the way we come across a small shop where I find a pretty top which I buy. A souvenir at last! We arrive at the restaurant a bit too early but luckily are able to make a reservation for 8pm. As it is Saturday the place is busy. We have a look at a few more shops and then have a delicious dinner.


This night the time was switched back from day light saving to normal... this means Michael’s birthday lasts 25 hours! We get up and immediately pack our things. Although the place is safe and quiet it is not somewhere where you would want to have a birthday breakfast. We drive down to the port, park the car and make our way to the small snack bar Locanda Caddeo for a coffee and some brioches. Four delicious brioches and three coffees sum up to €7.60... incredibly cheap!

On the promenade there seems to be a market so we walk over and have a look. Cheeses, salamis, breads, sweets, craft beers, handicrafts, people in traditional dresses... Great! As it is still early the food stalls are only getting prepared. We buy cheese, salami, olives... and a ring and a medallion with Sardinian flowers inside :-) It is getting more crowded by the minute and for Michael it has been enough. So we retreat and make our way towards Chia.

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