In general at the end of our longer trips we try to spend some days on the beach. Relax and rest from all the traveling, enjoy the sun and the warm weather before getting ready again for the long trip back home. This time, there is no beach on our way at the end of the trip. So we think that just before we end our trip with a few wine tastings in Chile and Argentina we should spend a few days somewhere nice in the middle part of Chile.


After having spent the night next to Volcano Lonquimay we woke up to some frosty 3° Celsius this morning. About five hours later we end up in a little surfer paradise called Buchupureo with 30° Celsius at the Pacific Ocean. A highly recommended though rather expensive hotel (La Joya del Mar) is situated right next to the beach. We ad hock decide to stay there for two nights.


By now we have seen many sunsets but this one is again very spectacular and we can make some amazing pictures. A Pisco Sour and a great dinner round up this rather promising day in terms of hot beach weather. Even the next morning is great and from our little villa we enjoy the panoramic view out to the beach.


Unfortunately just an hour after we had finished our breakfast in the sun the weather is turning completely. Fog comes suddenly from the Pacific Ocean and the temperature is dropping significantly. Hoping it would turn we stay as planned for the two nights. Unfortunately this time we are not so lucky and the fog remains.


The surfers of the region though, including Chris the owner of the hotel very much enjoy the waves. For us it was amazing to see the big waves and the little surfers on top riding them. Really fantastic - but still cold and foggy. Not what we were hoping for. But hey, we have been very lucky so far so we are not complaining too much.

One mistake we made was to give half of our clothes for washing in the hotel. They don’t have a tumble dryer but hang everything on the cloth line. But again, the sun was out at the time when we handed it in. With all the fog our stuff wouldn’t dry a bit. Another reason why we decide to move on as the sun - hot and shiny - being just a short distance away from the coast. If there is no hot beach weather we can use the time instead for some wine tasting.


However, first we need to find another place for the night. Not so easy now as there are virtually no camp sites and we are in a much more dens populated area compared to the south. Off some small side roads somewhere in the Valle de Maule we find a place before the sun sets again. Just in time to get our wet clothes out that still need some sun as well. Luckily the get pretty much dry before we have to move on and are starting our little wine tour.

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