Our last stop was the small island of Lastovo which we enjoyed. We leave from here with the early morning ferry at 5:30 am. Our next stop is Vis but we can only the there via Split. Around 1 pm on a sunny day we arrive in Vis. There are no camping sites on this island that has been military zone for many years. The first sign we see rolling off board is that camping is not allowed. Not a surprise as we knew this before but it means we need to find a good spot for the next couple of nights somewhere outside of the little towns.


To get an overview of this little island we do a trip towards the other side of the island to the little town of Komiza. Beautiful located at the bottom of some hills with a nice little harbor. Here many sailing boats are stopping by as well. The street south from Komiza leads up the hill again to a very nice spot overlooking the sea. A great place to camp and we will come back here later. First we want to see a bit more and drive up the highest mountain (Hum, 587 m). Here Marshal Tito was hiding away during second wold war leading the Partisan resistance movement. We visit some of the caves he was using. From the highest mountain we drive down to the bay of Stoncica. Here we find a konoba and eat an octopus salad as we are a bit hungry. The view is great in this little bay but very windy.


A bit later we drive back to Komiza for some dinner at the promenade before setting up our camp for the night outside of town up the hill. A really beautiful view and great place to stay for the night.

After a quiet night we want to do some cycling around the town of Vis to explore the region. As we need a shower afterwards we decide to park the Bulli at the bay of Stoncica again so that we can take a swim when we get back. From here we cycle along small roads to Vis. Almost every meter there is a great photo opportunity. Means this is more a sightseeing trip than real cycling. As we are already thirsty as we get into Vis we stop in the old part at the harbor for a beer. After a good Croatian beer we cycle to Rogacic. Here the remains of the military history of this island are still visible through things like a submarine bunker and other military buildings that have been abandoned.  Taking a different route we cycle back to the bay of Stoncica and wash off the sweat by a nice swim in the sea.

As the kanoba also serves dinner we decide to stay here. The recommendation is grilled lamp with potatoes and vegetables. All fresh from the grill. It is cheap and quite good. With a full stomach we drive back with our Bulli to the harbor in Vis. Tomorrow we want to take the ferry again back to the main land first thing in the morning. To save time we decide to park again next to the ferry.


Before we go to bed we walk across the old part of town, have another couple of glasses of wine and do some souvenir shopping. We also find a great place where a local wine maker sells his wine. After some tastings we buy a few bottle  that we want to take with us. As we get back to our parking spot we realize that exactly opposite the street there is a bar. Turns out to be quite noisy. Luckily after an hour or so it gets more silent and people are leaving. Time for us to go to bed to catch at least a few hours of sleep.


This time we didn't really have enough time to do more on Vis. However, this is a place to which we want to come back to spend a bit more time as we really like this little island. Plenty more to do and discover.

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