Venezuela - February 2011

The first ever trip to South America we did in February 2011 for a total of four weeks. Interestingly enough, quite a few people asked us how in the world did we come up with the idea of going to Venezuela for four weeks. Is there really anything to see? Is it safe?


To cut a long story short, we actually looked at a number of different options. Reading about Venezuela a bit we decided it sounds pretty interesting for the type of travel we are looking for. And yes, there is lots of stuff to see and we would go back at any time.


Is it safe? Well, it is - or certainly was at the time - safe enough to travel around but it is certainly not the safest country in South America. Caracas, which we only touched by staying a couple of nights close to the airport, is certainly a place you need to be careful. Bottom line, if you are used to travel around on your own in less touristic developed parts of the world, prepared for the worst and speak at least a little bit of Spanish (e.g. una cerveza, por favor ;-), you should be fine.

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Canaima National Park spans a huge area in the south eastern part of Venezuela and represents the sixth biggest national park in the world.


08 February 2011

Ciudad Bolivar is our first stop on this trip through Venezuela. A city dominated by the colonial style of houses and a great hub for a lot of different activities in this region.

Ciudad Bolivar

06 February 2011

Wolfgang, born in Venezuela but with German parents took us on a special tour through a small part of the Gran Sabana around the area of Santa Elena de Uarien.

Gran Sabana

11 February 2011

The Orinoco River feeds the huge Orinoco Delta as it flows into the Caribbean See. Just before it expands into the delta it is 20 km wide and there are only two bridges crossing it.

Orinoco Delta

20 February 2011

Exploring the lost world on a six day hiking trip to Mount Roraima with what is now known as the Roraima Dream Team. Certainly a trip we will never forget.

Mount Roraima

13 February 2011

Large grasslands famous for its kettle farms and wildlife, especially birds. We go on a three day tour to explore it.

Los Llanos

23 February 2011

We have almost reached the end of this trip. To relax and get a bit of more sun we spend our last few days on Los Roques.

Los Roques

27 February 2011

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