Tango is something you can’t overlook in Argentina and in particular in Buenos Aires. Not even if you want to. In a lot of the more touristic streets and places you have Tango dancers. While this is nice to watch it is not comparable to one of the shows. Picking which one however is difficult. In our case we were very lucky.


Gabriela our Spanish teacher combines her excellent teaching skills with those of a great tour guide. Not only did she recommend the show in the “El Viajo Almacen” we also learned all about the history of this place as part of our Spanish lessons. If you have an interest and are not planning to take any Spanish lessons with Gabriela you might want to read about this place on their web page (www.viejo-almacen.com.ar).

Gabriela has reserved a table for us. Michelle Zink is what is written there. Not exactly sure who Michelle is ... but Gabriela managed to get a VIP table for us. Right next to the stage. You can’t really get any closer. Muchas gracias Gabriela! :-)


The show itself lasts for almost two hours and we really enjoy every minute of it. As it is difficult to describe this experience let the pictures give you a glimpse of what this looks like. If this is not enough you need to come to Buenos Aires and attend the show yourself.

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