We arrive in the afternoon at Sossusvlei and try to get a place at the quite beautiful looking camp site. As almost expected it is completely full at this time of the year. Our efforts to book it from Svakopmund did not succeed as for some reason they could not do it from there. Anyway, there is a place outside the gate where we can stay. That'll do it for one night.


As we still have time we make a first drive into the dunes. We have been traveling through some parts of the desert but this is much more impressive. The light is perfect as the shades are getting longer the dunes turn into different colors.

Our plan for the next morning is to get up around 4:30 am as the gates open at 5 am. For some reason we only wake up at 5:30 am. Our intention to see the sun rise did not work out. We still hurry up to get started but the weather has changed quite a bit over night and most likely we would not have seen a nice sun rise anyway. In fact the sky is cloudy and it is raining. We are in the Namib Desert, one of the most dry deserts in the world, and it is raining. Not something you experience every day. So while we missed the sun rise we are still lucky to see this unusual weather.


As we make a walk to the Hidden Vlei the sun comes out again and we see many great spots for taking pictures. We enjoy ourselves here a lot and decide that at some point we need to spend more time in one of the deserts of this world.

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