First time on Sardinia

We have beginning of October 2016 and we are very lucky. For the second time this year we have the opportunity to go on a camping trip with our Bulli. In May we spent four weeks traveling through Croatia. Our destination this time is Sardinia.


We never had the opportunity to visit this island so far. However, we have heard only good things. In the past it used to be the last paradise for campers. That was because camping was allowed everywhere. As this caused a lot of problems it turned into the opposite. Camping is only allowed in designated areas. That's at least what they say during main season. Apparently outside the main season it still has a bit of this paradise. We enjoyed the three weeks a lot and for sure this will not be the last time us traveling across this fantastic island.

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Our ferry arrives in the morning in Olbia. We drive along the old coastal route up north. Here we get a first impression about Sardinia. The famous Costa Smeralda is home to the rich and beautiful.

Costa Smeralda

09 October 2016

Genoa is our first stop after taking the overnight train from Vienna to Feldkirch. From here we take a ferry to Olbia on Sardinia. We do have a few hours to explore the harbor.


08 October 2016

Today is a sunny day with moderate winds. A good opportunity to do some cycling. We take the ferry in Palau to get onto the small island La Maddalena with our bicycles. It's small enough that we can go around it.

La Maddalena

10 October 2016

Today we drive along the Costa Paradiso towards the north western part of Sardinia. We make a stop at Castelsardo before arriving later in the afternoon in Stintino where we plan to stay for the night.

La Pelosa

12 October 2016

We continue our journey across the north coast. Today the sky is a bit overcast and quite windy again. Good day to do a bit of hiking and explore Capo Testa.

Capo Testa

11 October 2016

Initially our plan was to pay a visit to Asinara, the Alcatraz of Sardinia. However, as the weather is not so good and we are not that much in love with this part of Sardinia we decide to continue to Capo Caccia.

Capo Caccia

13 October 2016

We are again lucky today and enjoy another sunny day. In our guidebook there is a recommended scenic tour through the back country. In the early afternoon we are back to the coast at the peninsula Sinis.


17 October 2016

One of the highlights on this trip is the region around Bosa. We didn't plan to spend a few nights here but found it so beautiful with a lot of things to do that we end up staying for three nights.


14 October 2016

Clearly one of the highlights on this trip. Costa Verde is famous for its dunes. During main season there is no point trying to come here. However, at this time of the year we can even camp directly next to the wide and long sandy beach.

Costa Verde

18 October 2016

As the weather forecast is not getting better we decide to go for sightseeing to Cagliari. It turns out to be a very sunny but still windy day as we explore the narrow streets. We have a good sundowner and a great dinner.


21 October 2016

On a rainy day we continue our journey south. Not quite sure where to stop and what to do on such a day we end up staying at a little spot close to the famous Pan di Zucchero.

Pan di Zucchero

20 October 2016

Our last stop at the southern end of Sardinia is the Chia region. This was highly recommended to us and we find it so great that we stay indeed for much longer than anticipated.

Baia di Chia

22 October 2016

Today is our last day. Before we have to drive back to Olbia we go for a short hike into the national park. Up on this table mountain we see the last herds of the wild horses in Sardinia and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Giara di Gesturi

27 October 2016

Our time on Sardinia is coming to an end. However, we can't leave without having stopped by one of the famous nuraghe. The oldest parts date back to 2000 B.C. Some of the towers still stand until today.

Nuraghe "Su Nuraxi"

26 October 2016

So far we made only used the back roads. Now it's time to get on the only motorway there is on this island and drive back to Olbia. We do a little sightseeing, get some very good dinner and buy very good wine.


27 October 2016

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