Privacy Policy

This privacy policy outlines the type of data being collected by visiting and using this website and the usage thereof.


Personal Data


If there is a possibility on this web page to enter personal data such as email address, names or address details then this is completely voluntary by the user. To use the web site there is no need to enter personal data. In case the user decides to enter personal data it is not being shared with any third parties and not used for any other purpose than driving the content of this site and/or respond to a request.



Server Logfiles and Access Data


The provider of this webspace where the website is hosted is collecting data while you access our website necessary to provide the actual service. The collected data and its purpose is outlined below.


- The provider is collecting the name of the web site being opened, which file, date and time of the request, how much data is being submitted as well as feedback if the delivery was successful. In addition details like which browser type and version, what operating system as well as the IP address of the requester.


- The provider is using this data for statistical purposes needed to run, secure and optimize the web space.



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