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Luckily the weather changes the following few days and our three day trip to the Tierra Del Fuego national park only 12 km from Ushuaia turns into an amazing experience. These are the days when traveling with a camper is really rewarding. Staying in such a breathtaking environment, waking up when the sun rises and listening to nature is what we are here for.


In the park we have the choice of different routes. Most of them are rather short and easy going. On the first day we walk along the most popular Costera Trail which leads us along the shoreline and through amazing forests. On this sunny day with no wind the experience was fantastic as there was almost no sound apart from the ones we made ourselves. What a nice change from busy Buenos Aires.


The best view you get from the Cerro Guanaco Trail. It is 8 km return and get’s rather steep just before the peak. However, all the effort we put into it were highly rewarded with stunning views from the top.

Although it was rather warm during the day one morning it is really cold with -3 C. The grass and the trees are frozen. With the sun shining it is a beautiful start into the day. These are the experiences you only get when sleeping directly in the park.


On the last day we explore a couple of other tracks leading us to a few abandoned as well as still active beaver colonies. Not really home to this part of the world they are causing massive problems. As they need to keep biting because of their teeth growing they are damaging the sensitive environment. Back home where they come from the trees do not die but the trees in the south do not survive the biting attack. Results are massive stretches of dead forest. With apparently more than 100.000 beavers this is a significant problem.

The same day we met two young guys, Daniel + Luis, from Argentina. When we went to bed the night before there was no tent. That’s why we are surprised to see a little tent close to our camper when we wake up. Apparently they have arrived at 2 am in the morning from Ushuaia. We spent most of the afternoon with them, cook a fresh fish they caught and gave them a lift back into town. From there they want to hitch-hike back north again. The two are really traveling on a very small budget with not a lot of time. But they seem to enjoy every minute of it.


To our surprise we also find a post office in the middle of the park. We wrote as many cards as we could to send it from the probably most southern post office in the world. You also get a nice and special stamp on it. As we only have little time, we only can write a few.

The three days in this park have been amazing. As this is the most accessible park we want to visit we are looking forward to the next few experiences. This was a great start into exploring nature in Argentina for sure.

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