Pan di Zucchero

It's one of those days again where it's sunny as we are getting up but a thunderstorm approaching rather fast. We would have liked to stay another day at Costa Verde as we really enjoyed it here. However, there is no point staying as the weather forecast is not very promising. Most of the other campers are leaving as well.


We are heading further south and pass by very beautiful beaches and regions. As it continuous to rain we don't know exactly what to do. In the end we continue driving further south until just before Masau we spot a sign leading to very basic camp site. The location and the view is great, the facilities work although of very basic nature.

We did arrive unusually early (for our terms) on this camp site. As the afternoon progresses more and more campers arrive and the site fills up until the evening. Strange people we think, especially as most of them don't even greet. We only plan to stay for the night and continue the next day. The rain only stops after we've had our breakfast inside. At least the sun comes out for a while while we pack our stuff together. We even have the opportunity to see the Pan di Zucchero in full sunshine today before the next clouds with rain are approaching again. We decide to go for sightseeing to Cagliari as for this the weather is not so critical. On our way we make a quick stop in Nebida. There is a short walk around a big rock that opens up a nice view across the coast line. We really like this region. There are also many hiking paths on the map. However, with this unstable weather it is not fun. Let's drive to Cagliari.

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