Nuraghe "Su Nuraxi"

Tomorrow is our last day on this beautiful island. As we have explored many of the beaches but very little in terms of historic sites we are advised that the Nuraghe "Su Nuraxi" is definitely worth a visit and in fact almost on our way up north again. After a quick stop at this fantastic supermarket in Pula we hit the road. This time we use the motorway as we are running out of time.


The Nuraghe "Su Nuraxi" is located next to the town of Barumini and archaeologists think the oldest parts where created between the 17th and 13th century B.C. which means those parts are well over 3000 years old and they still stand here ...

What purpose the Nuraghe had initially is not know although many theories do exist. It's clear however that this site  has been used over an extended period of time until it was abandoned in the 6th century B.C. Over more than a thousand years different elements where added to strengthen the outer wall of the inner towers or a village to host people on the surroundings. As we arrive there is nobody else and so we get a personal tour through the site. Definitely a place that was worth while the time.

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