Los Roques

We have arrived in a paradise for people who like white beaches to relax, blue water for swimming and beautiful coral reefs snorkeling and diving as well as small places (posadas) that are not like anything compared to the typical large hotels we all know from some other great locations.


Located about 130 km north of mainland Venezuela Los Roques is an archipelago consisting of more then 300 small islands with about 1500 permanent inhabitants that live on just one island.


Getting there is again a little adventure on its on. Starting from booking flights, check-in at the airport in Caracas through to getting a good posada that meets your expectations which also has free rooms. Most posadas are owned and run by Italians. You also get a lot of Italians that come over from Europe just for one or two weeks for a beech vacation. Something that we can’t understand. Venezuela has so much more to offer than just nice beaches.


Good thing is that the food is amazing and a nice change from having pollo (chicken in Spanish) in almost all variations. We stayed in the beautiful decorated but tiny Posada La Quigua with just five rooms. The two girls from Caracas we met there said, according to their boss (who paid for their trip) this one is the nicest place to stay on Los Roques. We don’t know that, but for sure it is a small paradise.

For us it is a great end to a fantastic vacation. As usual we try to spend at least a few days on the beach to relax before we go back home. Every day we are taken by the locals to another of the hundreds of islands in one of the small boats. Some of them you can’t visit because Los Roques is a national park after all with a lot of fragile sea life. It also depends on the weather and the sea how far you can go.


A trip to Los Roques and staying in a nice posada is not exactly cheap though. So check your travel budget first before you decide to make this trip. In the end for us it is worth the money.

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