Cultural Tourism around Karatu

For most tourists Karatu is the last stop on their way to Serengeti as it was for us about a week ago. However, on our way back we end up spending almost a whole week here although there are no major tourist attractions. At least according to the guide book. Before we get there, however, we need to get back from the Ngorongoro Crater. Due to some heavy rain the road is badly damaged and some lorries and buses got stuck already. Luckily we manage to get through.


In Karatu we find a lot of different offerings from the cultural tourism program which was only established in February. We are only the fifth couple who are signing into the guest book. The different activities are organized by the local community. We got to know people in the communities that invest in local schools and run small restaurants such as the Paradise Garden in Karatu providing education and jobs for the local people. We also learn more about the large number of different tribes that live together in Tanzania.

In the Lake Eyasi region we visit a group of Hadzabe, a settlement of the Datoga and a show house of the Iraqw who also give an enthusiastic performance of traditional dancing for us. It’s simply amazing how different they are and still, they live together in peace. Yes, it is great to visit the main attractions but getting to know more how the local communities work is at least as interesting.

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