In our Gallery you find links to different collections. Staring with the corresponding galleries from our trip around the world up to various sport events. Some of the entries are password protected for various reasons. If you have been part of an event of which the pictures are protected you should have received the password. If you don't remember ping us! :-)


In 2005 we have been to Tanzania the first time. One year later we are coming back to explore the central Tanzania.

Some people go to luxurious places on nice island in tropical locations for their honeymoon. Seems we are a bit different.

Going on vacation for 5 weeks, exploring a completely new continent started for us here, in Southern Africa in 2003.


Back after just one year we have another fantastic three weeks and focus on the east coast this time.

For the first time we visit the beautiful island of Sardinia. With our Bulli we spend three fantastic weeks here.

We have been to this event a few times now. However, this year is by far the best in terms of temperatures.

One month traveling through Croatia, exploring the various island and everything with and in our Bulli.

Second Bullitreffen in Austria at the Grossglockner. This time we participate with our own Bulli.

Explore the beautiful surroundings of Vienna combined with some great wine tastings.

A long weekend in Berlin with friends. Visiting the city combined with a concert of Die Toten Hosen.

Together with Felix and his wife we visit our first Bullitreffen in Austria at the Grossglockner.

In 2009 we are invited to an Irish/South African wedding of our friends Diane and Andre.




February 2014

A great week camping with a VW T2 from 1978 in Florida in early February 2014.


New Zealand

December 2007 / January 2008

First time for us at the other side of the globe. We spend about four weeks traveling through New Zealand.



In February 2013 we came back to Argentina for one month to continue where we left in 2013.

Taking three months off is not something you do very often if at all. We did it in 2013 and went to South America.

Our first ever trip to South America was in February 2011 when we traveled through Venezuela.



A fantastic team, outstanding weather and the highest average kilometer per day ever mark this years training camp.

Great end to a fantastic cycling year with a weekend in Burgenland.

Our second 24h cycling marathon. Back to Grieskirchen/Austria we cycled 430 km in 24 hours.

Yes, again, back to Mallorca. We did it again as it is such a great place to cycle.

Our first ever 24h cycling marathon in Grieskirchen/Austria.

Back to Mallorca for a great training camp. Also back into the same old finca.


May 2012

Another round of a great cycling holiday, renting out an old finca on Mallorca.

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