We have been traveling across Europe on many occasions. Most of the time those vacations have been shorter compared to the ones overseas. As we are starting to explore new parts of Europe in more detail with our Bulli we are going to share more stories here. The most memorable trip with our Bulli so far was Croatia in May 2016 followed by our trip to Sardinia in October of the same year. In 2009 we also had a great time in Ireland joining the wedding of our friends Diane and Andre.

Where We Have Been

Travel Reports

Back after just one year we have another fantastic three weeks and focus on the east coast this time.

For the first time we visit the beautiful island of Sardinia. With our Bulli we spend three fantastic weeks here.

One month traveling through Croatia, exploring the various island and everything with and in our Bulli.

A Wedding in Ireland

July 2009

In 2009 we are invited to an Irish/South African wedding of our friends Diane and Andre.

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