Epupa Falls

The Epupa Falls are created by the Kunene River which marks the border to Angola. As we read about them we also find out that there are potential plans to create a power plant up here using the water from the Kunene River. If that will take place it means the Epupa Falls will be destroyed. While not that easy to reach we decide this is really something we need to see. Who knows how long they will be there.


To get there we have two options. One is to follow a path along the Kunene River which is not used much and only doable with a good 4x4 car. We are advised that we should not do this with just one car either. The other option is to make a huge detour down to Otjiveze via the D3701 and then up via the D3700. As this is more than twice the distance and significantly less adventures we decide to follow the Kunene River.


Before we start the journey we camp for one night at the Kunene River Lodge. Here we also bump into Jenny and Alan with their kids. They are from South Africa and on vacation here, too. We start talking about our trip we have planned for the next day, the fact that they don't recommend us to do this on our own and that it would be nice if they would join us. Alan is up for it but Jenny is not very enthusiastic to say the least.


The next morning we hit the road early but not before having another short chat with Alan and Jenny. They are still undecided but we decide to get moving. At the junction where the street splits we wait for 15 minutes to see if they are coming. Sure thing they do and Alan has convinced Jenny in the meantime to join us. We are happy, get our GPS activated so that we don't get lost and start our way up to the Epupa Falls on a rough 4x4 track.


This is the first "real" 4x4 experience we have and it's really good to have Alan around. He advises us on some very steep and rough parts how to drive and in what gear. Together we have a fantastic but long day. For the roughly 90 km we need around 10 hours. On some sections we can't believe that it is even possible to drive here but we make it. Just one wrong turn overall where it was good to have the GPS activated as we could track back our path.


Luckily the little camp site at the Epupa Falls offers cold beer. Yes, we deserve this today. Together with Alan, Jenny and the kids we spend a great evening around the open fire. The next day we explore the Epupa Falls and the soroundings before we decide to jointly continue our way south again.


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