After a fantastic week on Brac with lots of sun shine and almost no rain during the day the weather is changing for a couple of days. According to our weather app rain is everywhere in the southern parts of Croatia. That's why we decide to drive down to Dubrovnik. While it is of course much nicer to do a city tour with beautiful weather it's not that bad with a cloudy sky and a few drops of rain.


We find a great mini camp a bit south of Dubrovnik in Mlini. When we left Brac in the morning it was raining a bit. As we arrive here the weather is still great and so we go for a short swim at the nearby beach. We also find a good spot for dinner and discover one of our new favorite wines from Croatia. A Dingac from Matusco.

Waking up the next morning the sky is overcast and we expect rain later in the day. After breakfast we take a little boat from the close by harbor of Mlini directly into the old town of Dubrovnik. There are not that many tourists in town as it seems. Many of the places and restaurants are empty. Seems we are lucky as this is of course a popular stop of the huge cruise ships. We enjoy walking through the narrow streets and Karin takes "hundreds" of pictures. A highlight is certainly the tour on the walls of Dubrovnik. From here we get a pretty good overview of the old part of town and the surrounding buildings such as St. Lawrence Fortress which we visit in the afternoon. At the end of the day we eat a pizza somewhere and take the bus back to our camp site. Great day, lots of walking and the weather was quite ok in the end for this type of sightseeing.

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