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We love our Bulli and Croatia is a great country for camping. May 2016 is also a very special month. With only 15 days of vacation we can essentially take off almost the entire month. That is how this vacation came to life on rather short notice. Our families are also coming to Croatia in the second half of the month to a camp site near to Zadar which is a great opportunity to bring everybody together.


We hit the road on 1st May and make a stop in Zagreb to see Ivo (Michael's boss) and his wife. They are so nice to spend the whole Sunday with us to show us around and take us out for dinner. Thanks a lot guys! From there we explore various islands where we are very often the only tourists. In the last week of our vacation we meet up our family in Zaton close to Zadar before hitting the road back to Vienna. What a great trip.

Places We Visited

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After a week of quite good weather the forecast says it will rain everywhere in the region. That's why we decide to drive down to Dubrovnik for a city tour.


10 May 2016

After a quick stop in Zagreb where it is only raining we drive down to Brac. We are so impressed by this island that we stay for a week instead of just a few days.


02 May 2016

Heavy rain in the morning as we leave Dubrovnik, fresh fish and oysters for lunch and wine tasting in the afternoon. Sun comes out again and we find a beautiful spot in Dingac Borak for the night.


12 May 2016

Since we are this far out we can also make our way to the smallest inhabited island in Croatia. Turns out to be a good choice and we end up on family camp site run by super friendly people.


14 May 2016

As we've only been once on Korcula we plan to explore this island a bit more. For some reason, however, we don't seem warm up with it so much compared to other regions.


13 May 2016

Camping is prohibited on Vis, at least in designated areas. Still, we find a few lonely spots for a couple of nights. Vis is the island furthest away from the mainland and used to be military zone.


17 May 2016

Only a short drive from Split along the coast we make another stop to do some sightseeing around the old town of Trogir.


19 May 2016

We pass through Split four times as most car ferries have their direct connections to and from Split. On our last stop we also spend a few hours in town and buy some fresh seafood.


19 May 2016

Now it is time to make our way up north. We are meeting up with Michael's family. Four days of playing with the kids, drinking good wine together, sharing stories from our vacation so far and spending some time on the beach.


20 May 2016

We don't get that far and make another stop  on one of our favorite camp sites close to the isle of Pag. From here we drive across Pag, buy some cheese and discover very different sides of this island.


25 May 2015

Time to move on. While we have been in this area before we never actually made it into the old town of Zadar. So before we move on we spend half a day here to do some sightseeing.


24 May 2016

The last stop before we have to go home is the Plitvice Lakes National Park. Very lucky we get fantastic weather as we spend a whole day in the park and around the different lakes. Great finish to a fantastic journey.


26 May 2016

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