"Connemara is a savage beauty" - Oscar Wilde

Passing through Galway, which is not necessarily the most interesting place in Ireland, we reach  the most northern part of our journey. Driving up the N59 north from Galway, then turning left onto the tiny little R341 we end up in Roundstone. A small village in Connemara in a natural bay with a few good pubs and a camp site a few kilometers outside of town. There is the modern RoundStone Camping Resort and very close to it, situated directly at the ocean is the tiny little and run down camping site we stayed at. Probably the most beautiful place we’ve stayed at during these three weeks.

We park our camper just a few meters off the coastline. For breakfast we have the fantastic few over the Atlantic and one morning even dolphins came into the little bay to say hello.


From here we go cycling a couple of times. The strong head winds and the rough roads make cycling with the racing bikes very demanding. The landscape and the scenery however are worth while the time and effort going around here.


At the end of our cycling trips we usually stop in Roundstone for a pint or two. At the time the Roundstone Regatta is going on and lots of boats and ships of all size are in the bay. Most of them had been used to offload goods from the larger ships to bring it at land. After they were no longer needed they almost vanished completely. However, some people restored the old ships and started to organize a regatta. This is now very famous and every year the race against each other.


We would have loved to spend more time up here but unfortunately we have to head back towards Dublin as our vacation is drawing to an end.

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