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In 2005 we have been to Tanzania the first time. One year later we are coming back. Mainly driven by the fact that Michael's brother Manuel and his fellow student Caro do an internship at St. Francis Designated District Hospital in Ifakara. Why not pick them up once they are done to explore the more central part of Tanzania. This time we don't have that much time and we need to manage everything in just three weeks.


This part of Tanzania is less touristic compared to the northern part with its major attractions like the Serengeti. Less tourists is something we enjoy and so have a great time especially in the Ruaha National Park.


Needless to say that you can't come to Tanzania without spending at least a few days on Zanzibar. Like in 2005 this marks again the end of a fantastic journey.

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The park itself is known for its aura of untouched wilderness combined with a fine network of game-viewing roads following the Great Ruaha River.  Something we can really confirm and clearly the highlight this time.

Ruaha National Park

02 October 2006

We fly into Dar Es Salaam and after one night we hit the road to Ifakara to pick up Manuel and Caro to show them a bit more of Tanzania


29 September 2006

Iringa is typically used as base before driving on to the Ruaha NP. Its main attraction is for sure the local market. What you shouldn’t miss however is “Neema Crafts”.


05 October 2006

No trip to Tanzania without spending at least a few days on Zanzibar. Like in 2005 this marks the end of a shorter but still enjoyable trip through Tanzania.


09 October 2006

On our way back from Ruaha NP we stay here for one night on a lonely camp site in a very nice location. We don't see as many animals compared to Ruaha NP but at least we now know where to get cold beer from. ;-)

Mikumi National Park

07 October 2006

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