So far we only traveled on the back roads along the coast. Today we use the dual carriageway passing by Iglesias towards Cagliari. This is the capital of Sardinia and the cultural and industrial center with one of the biggest ports of the Mediterranean Sea. Within walking distance from the old town there is a guarded car park that offers basic facilities for campers. Thanks to the GPS coordinates from our guide book we have no problem finding the car park. It is really basic but enough to stay for a night to do some sightseeing. The closer we get to Cagliari the better the weather gets again. Good that the forecast is not always right.

It is only a 20 minute walk and we arrive at the Piazza Costitutione. As we are hungry we get a snack in one of the cafe first followed by an extended stroll through the old town. Luckily (for Michael) most of the shops are closed during the afternoon. We visit one of the old cathedrals, find the remains of the roman theatre and end up in time for a sundowner up at the Via Santa Croce. Here is a nice little bar with a terrace overlooking the city. Perfect for a drink and little snack.


Now, however, the shops are open again and it's time for Karin to explore some of them. Rather quickly she realizes that most of them are not offering anything compelling. There is one exception, however. The shop is called Martino Midali and here she finds a lot that she likes! Shopping makes us hungry and based on a recommendation from the lady in the shop we also find a fantastic place for dinner. She recommends us to go back to Piazza Costitutione as there are many good places to eat a bit further down the street towards the marina. We chose Luigi Pomato and have a fantastic, although not exactly cheap, evening. The owner seems to be highly decorated with different prices but he is around making sure that everybody is happy. A place we can really recommend.


The next morning Karin wants to go back to explore some more shops while Michael is using the free WIFI to book the ferry for our return trip. Yes, we are getting closer to the end of our vacation. However, there is still a week to go. Early afternoon, after we had a great lunch at Locanda Caddeo close to the marina, we hit the road west again. Time to go back to the beach, do some cycling and explore a few more spots on this beautiful island.

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