The last night was by far the warmest so far. As we look out of the window, however, there is no sun but only clouds. Maybe if it would have been another sunny day we might have stayed for another day at this beautiful location. Instead we hear a rumbling in the distance. Initially we think it's the breaking of waves at the cliff line. However, as it seems to come closer we realize that a thunderstorm is approaching rather fast. Despite the fact that we hurry up and try to get all things packed up we get wet as the storm approaches. Luckily we don't get hit with the full power and after a while the rain stops again so that we can sort out our Bulli before we hit the road again. Today we want to drive along the coastal road south towards Bosa. In the next town, Alghero, we make a stop to restock and do a bit of sightseeing.

Fully stocked we drive along the coast. The scenery is fantastic and the cliff line impressive despite the overcast sky. On our way there is a little campsite with very basic facilities but an amazing view. We decide to stay here for the night. The sun comes out again and we have a great view on the cliff lines continuing south. A little later the couple who we met right at the beginning of our tour and passed by at Capo Caccia role onto the camp site as well.  It's the third time our paths are crossing so it's time to introduce ourselves. Together with Adriana and Stefan from Switzerland we decide to cook together today. Linguine with fresh prawns from the market in Alghero, a mixed salad and a couple of nice bottles of white wine combined with great company makes a fantastic evening. The night brings again some heavy rainfall but as we get out of bed the sun is shining and we have a stunning view for breakfast.

We really like it here and after breakfast we take a walk to the tower we can see in the distance. Adriana and Stefan have the same idea and we meet again half way. They did start earlier and are on their way back already. This region feels really good and we enjoy the little hike. Back to the camp we take another (cold) shower and have lunch at the little restaurant to which the camp site belongs. As this campsite is not so inviting for a longer stay we role on - for exactly six kilometer. That's when we pass by another site that also seems to offer a washing machine. As we need to do some washing we take a look at it and find a great site. Here we stay. We can do some washing and just relax the rest of the afternoon followed by another fantastic sun set.

The next day we go for a bit of cycling into the mountains. First we cycle to Bosa and from there up the hill. Our plan is to do a round trip but it is much more hilly as expected. As we reach Montresta we realize that we are a bit too late to do the full course. We cycle back the same way we came and stop for lunch in Bosa. The old town is really nice and we also walk a bit through the narrow streets. Not so easy with our cycling shoes but it's ok. This is the first time that we have nice weather, no wind and a great place to camp. We really enjoy this area and we certainly will come back to this area on one of our future trips. There are so many things we can do here. Really an area we can recommend.

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