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January 1, 2030

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January 1, 2030

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Prologue of our Giro del Mondo

By Michael Zink
November 22, 2023
Category: Travels

It's time to start the „Prologue of our Giro del Mondo". On 5th of October we leave the cam... read more

Tags: Steyr 12m18 Excap km99.world travels Greece

Tire Inflation System

By Michael Zink
November 01, 2023
Category: Radetzky

One of the last key pieces of equipment was finally installed: a tire inflation system. So... read more

Tags: Radetzky Karin Michael Excap Steyr 12M18

Follow us on Instagram

By Michael Zink
October 29, 2023
Category: Travels

As we are getting more active in both traveling as well as sharing our stories, we‘ve added an Instagram account. Would love to see you there following us, too. 

On our website we will post on a regular basis detailed reports and travel stories. Instagram is great for shorter and more frequent updates.

Would love to see you follow us on all channels! 

read more
Tags: Radetzky km99 world Excap Steyr 12m18

Taking Radetzky Off-Road

By Michael Zink
October 23, 2023
Category: Travels

Taking Radetzky off-road is something that we wanted to do in a controlled environment before hitting... read more

Tags: Excap KrugXP off-road training

We are moving in!

By Michael Zink
May 07, 2023
Category: Travels

Today is a very special day. Not only is it our wedding anniversary but we are also moving... read more

Tags: Radetzky mobile life Steyr 12M18 Excap

Letting go is never easy

By Michael Zink
August 18, 2022
Category: Travels

It’s Friday morning, 29.07.2022 at 8:30 am. For the very last time we walk through every room of our appartment, stop by every window and enjoy the view one last time. We stroll over the terraces stroking the beautiful plants that have developed so great over the years. 

It’s really difficult for both of us... read more

Tags: weltreise homeonewheels traveltheworld

A Modern Dry Separation Toilette

By Michael Zink
January 03, 2022
Category: Radetzky

Long time before planning and building our Radetzky we started to discuss one key topic: „What type of toilette should we use?“. Rather quickly we came to the decision that the only real option is a dry separation toilette. However, also very early in the evaluation cycle it became clear that none of the commercially available models would meet our expectations. Not from a functional and certainly not from a design point of view.  

read more
Tags: dry separation toilette urine trap trockentrenntoilette setrenlo

We have a shower!

By Michael Zink
June 02, 2021
Category: Radetzky

One of the pieces that took a lot of energy, time and re-planning things over and over was the bathroom. In particular the floor. Before I take you through some of the details let me present you our brand new bathroom. Only missing piece is the final version of the toilette. Still something we are working on but that‘s a different story for another time.

What you can see i... read more

Tags: Radetzky Bathroom

Winter Wonderland

By Michael Zink
January 17, 2021
Category: Travels

We are still in lock down which is why we are in Vienna at this time of the year and not in Germany with my family - or even traveling the world.  In fact, this is the first Christmas we‘ve spent in Vienna having lived here for almost 20 years. 

Today is Monday 28 December 2020 and we are hitting the road again in our Rad... read more

Tags: Radetzky Karin + Michael Steyr Austria Winter Camping

Maiden Voyage - Part 2

By Michael Zink
November 06, 2020
Category: Travels

This is part two of our maiden voyage after we decided to leave Sardinia because of the thread of a lock down. 

When we arrived with the ferry in Civitavecchia on the mainland we get rain and temperatures around 10C. Not very tempting but we always try to make the best out of it. :-)

read more

Tags: Radetzky Steyr Maiden Voyage Karin + Michael

Maiden Voyage - Part 1

By Michael Zink
October 31, 2020
Category: Travels

It’s 11 October 2020 and yes, we are on the road again! Finally! After several years of planning and researching as well as more than 1.5 years of building it is time to take our Radetzky for its maiden voyage. It is also the urgently needed break for the two of us because all our vacations over the last two years we’ve invested into this project. 

read more

Tags: Radetzky Steyr Maiden Voyage Karin + Michael

Ready to Roll

By Michael Zink
October 22, 2020
Category: Radetzky

It’s time for an update as many people have been wondering what is going on with our project. While we have been super busy with building there was no time for an update along the way. 

Today I can proudly present that with some small exceptions we have finished the key aspects of our truck. Take a look for yourselves! read more

Tags: Radetzky 12M18 Excap 2020

Radetzky, my name!

By Michael Zink
November 16, 2019
Category: Radetzky

Back in 2017 we made a decision to pursue our dream of living an independent and mobile life, traveling across the world in a tiny house on wheels for the years to come. The first milestone was to choose and find a truck that is up for the task. After a lot of research, exploring several options, speaking to different people, we decided for the Steyr 12M18. A truck built specifically for the A... read more

Tags: Radetzky Steyr 12M18 Excap

The Floor

By Michael Zink
October 29, 2019
Category: Radetzky

What is so special about a floor that I dedicate this blog entry to it. Well, that’s what I thought when I started this project, too. Some time later I realise that the floor is a central piece of work that needs to be planned well in order to have a good foundation for the rest. Read all about how and why we have build up the floor and what material has been used for it.

read more

Tags: radetzky floor heating water

Radetzky - The building work as begun

By Michael Zink
July 04, 2019
Category: Radetzky

In May this year our cabin was finally delivered to Austria. After about 1,5 year of planning we can put theory into practice. For this we took a couple of weeks of and moved ourselves from Vienna into the Weinviertel, the north eastern part of Austria, right at the border to Czech Republic. This is where we will spend a lot of time this year. Here we have found a temporary home for our cabin... read more

Tags: Radetzky Cabin Building

Our cabin has arrived!

By Michael Zink
May 19, 2019
Category: Radetzky

This is a key milestone for us. Yes, the cabin has made the long way from Cherkasy/Ukraine to Austria. In a small village 70 km north of Vienna we found a place for it. On this memorable day at around 9.30 am in the morning the cabin has been unloaded, wheels added and pushed into the warehouse. Now the "real work" on our side can begin. 

The usual procedure when you buy an empty cabin with Krug Expedition is that once ready the... read more

Tags: Cabin Krug Schwerlast

Communication is an art!

By Michael Zink
December 02, 2018
Category: Radetzky

We've looked at a number of different cabin producers prior to signing a contract with Krug Expedition. One of the key reasons why we decided for Krug was the great collaboration we've experienced in the validation phase and the constructive input we've received in all conversations either over the phone, in Schladming or when we've visiting their production facilities in the Ukraine. Once the contract was signed and the specification of the f... read more

Tags: Krug Cabin Ukraine

Our future home is shaping up

By Michael Zink
November 25, 2018
Category: Radetzky

Now that we are getting started with building our new home I thought I share some of the details. We recently signed the contract with Krug Expedition in Austria for building the actual cabin and some other items. Work has started already and will be completed soon. This is the foundation. Once complete, the interior we plan to do ourselves with some help from experts. To get to this point we’... read more

Tags: cabin interior plan

Finding a Cabin Builder can be a Challenge …

By Michael Zink
October 31, 2018
Category: Radetzky

In September 2017 we’ve made a decision to start turning our dream into reality. This is to stop working and start traveling and exploring the world. The first step was to buy a Steyr 12M18 as the basis of an expedition vehicle. This decision was a tough one. Not because of what to buy and where. “Do we really want to do this?”, was the thing to decide. Now, one year later, we have to take a m... read more

Tags: Cabine Krug Expedition Boxmanufaktur Challenge

Is Istria an option for extended road cycling?

By Michael Zink
June 17, 2018
Category: Sports

We have been to Croatia many times and we know that especially along the coast line road cycling is not a good idea for many reasons. Can it be that the peninsula of Istria is different? We wanted to find out for ourselves in preparation for our next 24h cycling marathon taking place in early July. It was not necessarily our plan to come here in early June. This decision was made on short noti... read more

Tags: Croatia Istria Cycling 2018

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