Back To Argentina - February 2015

For a very long time after spending three months in Argentina and Chile in 2013 we remembered and thought about the great people we’ve met, places we visited and satisfaction we got out of this trip. That’s why decided that going back to South America is not a question IF but only a question WHEN. On the evening of February 1st 2015 we are again boarding a plane to Buenos Aires. Here is the next chapter of us exploring South America.


During our trip in 2013 we focused primarily on Patagonia both in Argentina and Chile and went all the way down to the southern end of the American continent. Going back north we traveled up to the Lake District in Argentina, followed the “Seven Lakes Road “ before crossing over to Chile via the Passo Mamuil Mala. We now pretty much start where we stopped last time. This time however, we stay in Argentina as there a lot of places we haven’t seen this side of the Andes. After picking up our 4x4 camper we make our way to Northern Patagonia and from there we are heading north always along the Andes.

Places We Visited

Our Stories

The region around Neuquen is the first point of interest for us that we want to stop by. This is also where the so called “Ruta del Vino, Manzanas y Dinosourios” starts.

Ruta Del Vino, Manzanas y Dinosourios

05 February 2015

On the morning of February 2nd 2015 after a long flight from Vienna via Frankfurt to Buenos Aires we arrive on a sunny and warm summer morning.

Buenos Aires

02 February 2015

Hiking is one of the things we were really looking forward again on this trip. That’s why Epu Lauquen is next on our list after staying in Chos Malal for one night.

Epu Lauquen

07 February 2015

After much debating and planning we decide to make our way to the Laguna Varvarco Campo. One of those places that is not described anywhere in the camping guides we have nor have we read about anybody else going there.

Laguna Varvarco Campo

09 February 2015

We very much like nature and visiting natural hot springs in remote areas sounds like a good idea.

Aguas Calientes

08 February 2015

The next destination we are steering towards is Reserva La Payunia famous for its high number of volcanos. One thing that is not clear at all, however, is the question how to get to this place.

Reserva La Payunia

11 February 2015

One of the places we were really looking forward to visit is Laguna Del Diamante located next to volcano Maipo.

Laguna Del Diamante

13 February 2015

While in this area around Malargüe there is another site that sounds very interesting to us. According to our guide book the Laguna Llancanelo is a great place for bird watching.

Humedal Llancanelo

12 February 2015

Before coming to Parque Nacional El Leoncito we read about this little park and talked to fellow travelers. The main reason for visiting are the observatories located here.

El Leoncito

17 February 2015

Crossing over the Andes is always an experience. On this trip we've decided to cross over the Paso De Aqua Negra. With 4753 m the highest point on earth we have been up to this point.

Paso De Aqua Negra

19 February 2015

The beauty of individual traveling is the spontaneous and flexible route planning whenever you come across something that was not part of your initial plan - like this place.

Cerro El Alcazar

19 February 2015

Pisco Sour is the national cocktail in Chile and Pisco Elqui one of the most famous places where they produce Pisoc. What else do you need to make a stop there.

Pisco Elqui In Chile

20 February 2015

Parque Provinicial Ischigualasto is also known as Valle De Luna. The otherworldly scenery is why people come here.


23 February 2015

After doing a lot of driving we do a cycling trip through this wonderful national park. Something we can highly recommend.


23 February 2015

We can’t leave Argentina without visiting our dear friends Sergio and Sunky who we met in 2013 in Mar Azul. Our last stop on this trip before we are heading home again.

Mar Azul

25 February 2015

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