Arusha National Park

Located close to Arusha town, Arusha National Park is little-visited - which made it all the more enjoyable to us! The park is dominated by volcanic Mount Meru (4566m).


Many people who climb Mount Kilimanjaro come here beforehand to acclimatise.  We also were planning to climb Mount Meru because it is a lot less touristic compared to Kilimanjaro. However, our digestion thwarted our plans ;-) But at least we were able to do a walking safari - an experience absolutely not to be missed!

This is the first time we do a walking safari but for sure not our last. With a armed guide called Felix we walk through the forest and plains. We see all sort of animals and can get very close even to some buffalo's.


There is a public camping site on which we spent our nights on. In the evening after the walking safari Felix joins us there. He is on duty and needs to watch over the tourists tonight. Gives us a good chance to sit by the fire and listen to his stories. As he leaves at around 7 am the next morning he wakes us up to say good bye. We are leaving later that day back to Arusha.


Before we leave we have some unpleasant encounter with some huge ants. By pure accident we put our chair and things in a place where they are currently moving "houses". We can see smaller ones who do all the work and bigger ones who seem to manage things. The bigger ones byte us which really hurts and so we move a bit to not block them.


We wait until our tent has tried up as this was the last night camping in the wild. Don't know when we will be able to go on a safari again in Africa. Kwaheri!!

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